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 Updated 2017-11-03

Proposed additions to the LanguaL thesaurus

The LanguaL Technical Committees publish proposals for new facet terms on the LanguaL Internet site for international discussion and approval before incorporation into the official LanguaL thesaurus.
The discussion period is two months from the date of submission to (date of reception by) the LanguaL Technical Committee. Comments will be sent to the submitter during the discussion period and will be published with the changes in the following update of LanguaL.

Please send comments and recommendations to

Current Proposals

The following proposals are open for discussion:

For the following proposal(s) discussion has been closed and changes will be implemented in the LanguaL™ 2017 Thesaurus:

Implemented proposals

For the following proposals, the discussions are closed and implementation of the suggestions have been included in the respective LanguaL versions:

LanguaL 2014 (published 20 January 2015)

LanguaL 2013 (published 30 March 2014)

LanguaL 2012 (published 30 March 2013)

LanguaL 2011 (published 14 October 2012)

LanguaL 2010 (published August 2011)

LanguaL 2009

LanguaL 2008

Other proposals

New release of the Swedish food database

A new release of the Swedish food database published. See the Swedish National Food Administration website.
New release of the Danish Food Composition Database.

The Danish Food Composition Database, FRIDA version 3, has been published.
See the DTU National Food Institute website.
New release of the French Food Composition Table

The 2017 version of the French Food Composition Table is online.
See the ANSES-CIQUAL website.
New release of Brazilian Food Composition Table.

Version 6.0 of the Brazilian Food Composition Table is now available.
See the TBCA website.