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Proposal from Jayne Ireland and Anders Møller

Submitted 2005-05-02

Discussion closed, proposal accepted


Descriptors in bold and italics are suggested new descriptors.


In Facet B, a descriptor is allowed to have multiple broader terms (e.g. “CORN/MAIZE” is classified under “CEREAL”, “OIL-PRODUCING PLANT”, “STARCH-PRODUCING PLANT”, “SUGAR-PRODUCING PLANT”), so it is possible to introduce additional classifications under “PLANT USED AS FOOD SOURCE” [B1347]:


New term:

PLANT ACCORDING TO SPECIES (term used for classification only, not for indexing).


Under this term can be placed new narrower terms when they are needed, request by users), such as



Copy existing descriptors, such as BOK CHOY [B2077], CABBAGE [B1406], MUSTARD [B2069] as narrower terms to this descriptor, etc.




New term:

PLANT ACCORDING TO PART OR USE (term used for classification only, not for indexing)

All existing narrower terms are moved down one level:

    §         FRUIT-PRODUCING PLANT [B1140]


New narrower terms by use :

    §         PLANT USED AS FODDER (needed for Codex Classification for foods and feeds)

    §         PLANT FOR MEDICINAL USE (or STIMULANTS ?), a proposal for classifying plants like betel.


New classifications may be necessary for plants that are presently isolated under PLANT USED AS FOOD SOURCE [B1347] (e.g. AZTEC MARIGOLD [B2339], BETEL [B2310], BETEL NUT PALM [B2311]). If no classifications are found, these plants should be moved to the PLANT ACCORDING TO SPECIES section.



An alternate hierarchy is needed for plants in Facet B, because they are at present only arranged by their use. For example, it is currently impossible to index “Brassica species” (Codex Classification for foods and feeds) when the individual plants are situated in different parts of the thesaurus tree.



Updated 2011-03-31.