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The LanguaL 2017™ Thesaurus  -  Systematic Display

 Updated 2018-06-12


Scope note 
A physical-chemical component separated from the food source or its parts by extraction, centrifugation, filtration, heat processing, expressing or a similar process. The separated component may be converted through further processing. If this is done, the final substance is indexed. A water-extracted component may remain in aqueous dispersion. The extract, concentrate or isolate is indexed in preference to the anatomic part from which it is derived. For example, peanut oil is indexed under *PEANUT* combined wih *FAT OR OIL* rather than with *SEED OR KERNEL*. On the other hand, fruit and vegetable juices can be indexed under *FRUIT JUICE OR NECTAR* or *VEGETABLE JUICE* (A. PRODUCT TYPE); therefore the anatomic part of the plant should be indexed.

IFDC 2019 in Lisbon 14-18 October 2019

The 13th International Food Data Conference (IFDC 2019) will take place in Lisbon, Portugal, between the 14th and 18th of October 2019. For more information, see the conference website.
FoodComp 2019 in December 2019

The upcoming food composition database training course to be held in Wageningen, The Netherlands from 1-6 December 2019. See the VLAG website.
DTU National Food Institute published new report on flours, grains and kernels.

DTU National Food Institute publishes new analytical report on macro- and micronutrients in flour, grains and seeds on the Danish market. See DTU Natinal Food Institute website.
EFSA to share data on open-access platform

EFSA takes major step towards fully open data organisation by publishing the scientific data it uses for EU-wide monitoring programmes, surveys and risk assessments, including food composition data from 7 EU Member Countries. See EFSA website.